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Yesterday, while I was working at the Library checking out books, I met a woman named Jill. She is an artist and is in the process of writing a screenplay about a friend of hers that was a famous photographer in the mid 70's and early 80's named Francesca Woodman. She told me that I really should check out her work, so I went online and looked at some of her photography. All I can say is WOW! She doesn't have much on the web because she only has pictures in print from 75-81(she commited suicide at 22 years of age) , but the pictures I saw were really beautiful, haunting, surreal, honest, fatalistic, and inspiring. Her work is very much a part of the feminist movement that went on in the seventies. Although, I do not consider myself a feminist; some of her art work really captures for me, the submissive, the trapped, sadness, and the feeling of being non existant that I often feel in my life as a woman.
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