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the wheel of fortune is always turning...

Well, I know I barely ever update because usually it is just the same old shit. HOWEVER, lately there have been some interesting developments in my life so here goes...
I quit Sears on 6/1/03. The same day, one of my friends called me up out of the blue, Actually she is my "stepsister"(my mom's ex-boyfriends' daughter, Sirikit). I haven't spoken to her in like over a year cause I lost her phone # and m,oved to St. Lucie. Anyway, we were talking and I was telling her how I wanted to come back to WPB, and she was like, you can stay with me for a couple months until you save up money to get a place. I pay her only 200 dollars a month which is good ( she wouldn't even charge me but money is really tight for her and her husband ever since she had her son). I moved back to WPB on monday 6/2/03. I 've spent the last couple weeks looking for jobs. I had a really good job interview today at Suntrust Bank for a part-time bank teller position, and I have a second interview on monday at 10:00 am. So everything is OK right now, but I am a little tired because everyone here goes to sleep at 3 am , so I've been going to sleep late and still waking up at 6:30 am. Right now I am babysitting her ADORABLE little boy, JAAD, he is watching teletubbies in the backgroung and picking at his chicken nuggets from McDonalds. He is so funny, he'll look at his food, pick it up, smell it, take a bite, and then throw on the ground.
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