lunar goddess (bluemoonxtc) wrote,
lunar goddess

my last post

The saddest, most pathetic thing about my last post is that is is SO FUCKING ON POINT!!!!!! I dont know ... I need to do some crazy drugs and have mad sex with delicious hot boys and girls( becomes stripper/pornstar).
J/K I'm too much of a good girl for that.

Oh... one can Dream
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dance on the poles? HAR! oh lard.. i'm bored. i wonder if you're online.. it's jul 2nd at about 12 in the afternoonie.

yeh, *signs on to see*

i found some really good icons, and thought you'd enjoy some.. they have some bjork, and others..

go there, and right click on the picture.. and it'll bring up this thing, tehn click on "properties, and copy the little thing.. then, when you upload... click the second thing that says "from url" and then press proceed..

i dont know if you know how to do it, but if you have problems, i'll help you out. if you want another icon, or two.. ;x